Sponge Fabric Flowers Custom Bridal Wedding Bouquet

  • $85.00

This bouquet is made with sponge fabric flower accented with Crystals. Its satin finished handle makes it even more special. This bouquet is perfect to use in your wedding, at your rehearsal, as your toss bouquet,at your bachelorette party, bridal shower, or for your bridesmaids. Deck out your entire wedding party. Each one is 100% handmade and unique. We have variety of different colors. This bouquet is much more durable than traditional florist bouquet, and won't wilt or fade over the course of your wedding. They are also more affordable, and make great keepsakes! Keep your wedding bouquet for the rest of your life!

Bouquet Size: Width – Approx 8 " / Length – Approx 10.5 "
Stems: 5 "
Materials : sponge fabric, crystal, rhinestone, satin